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Thank you for visiting Abhilash Puljal & Co. - Strategic Advisors & Management Consultants online. 


Abhilash Puljal & Co is a boutique international development advisory firm based in New Delhi providing advice and support to address global challenges by designing sustainable strategies, linking technologies, building efficient capacities, and connecting capital for businesses in middle and low-income economies globally, especially Africa and Asia. Please click below to know more.

Practice Areas

Public Sector

Practice Areas

Policy Analysis & Design

  • Evaluation of existing policies and legislations

  • Design effective, inclusive and sustainable policies

  • Recommendations based on evidence-based research

  • Identification of impediments in the business environment policy and regulatory frameworks

Market Systems & Value Chain Analysis

  • Markets Systems Development Approach

  • Macro-level market assessment from a qualitative and quantitative perspective

  • Existing and future value chain analysis

  • Documentation of best practices

  • Trade strategies – National and Regional

Development Cooperation & SSC

  • Bilateral and Trilateral cooperation strategies,

  • Identify potential cooperation modalities to support development projects

  • Conduct stakeholder consultations for validation

  • Promote and strengthen collective self-reliance among developing countries and promote capacities

Business Environment Reforms

  • Single Window Schemes

  • Harmonisation of Business

    laws and Reforms

  • Business Strategies and Policies focusing on Trade and Investments in Asia and Africa

Entrepreneurship & Economic Empowerment

  • Provide advice regarding different economic relationships to businesses

  • Study of socio-economic impacts of applied public policies

  • Formulate plans and solutions to various economic problems

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems

  • Developing qualitative and quantitative indicators/tools for measuring change

  • Evaluation of programme, project and policy impact

Business Strategy & Design

  • Expansion & diversification strategy

  • Identification of opportunities for joint ventures and other ownership structures

  • Mapping demand and supply factors for businesses

  • Mapping demand and supply factors for businesses

  • Feasibility Studies

Investment Climate & Risk Analysis

  • Regional and comparative analysis of investments 

  • Project risk assessments

  • Identify, analyse and prioritise potential risks as per the strategic goals

  • Industry landscaping

  • Research on regulatory compliances 

  • Market research to understand customer behaviour

Cross Border Investments

  • Assessment on investment landscape, specifically emerging markets

  • Identify lucrative markets for investors

  • Location and competitor analysis

  • Research on regulatory compliances for investment overseas

  • Provide strategic financial advice to companies

Turnkey Project Implementation

  • Project ideation and conceptualisation

  • Project planning, execution and M&E

  • Draft detailed Plans of Action (POA) for implementation

  • Identify partners for project implementation on ground

Capital Raise

  • Raise both Equity and Debt

  • Optimal Structuring of capital including from a tax and legal perspective

Private Sector

Clients & Partners

Clients & Partners

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Clients: Multi-laterals and Bilateral Agencies

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& Sectoral Expertise

We cover a range of sectors from Agriculture and Agro Processing, Education and Skill Development, Electronics, Energy, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality and Tourism, Information, Communication Technology, Textiles and handicrafts among others. You can find brief details of the projects we have done by clicking below. 

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