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Abhilash Puljal & Co. 

Abhilash Puljal & Co is a boutique international development advisory firm based in New Delhi providing advice and support to address global challenges by designing sustainable strategies, linking technologies, building efficient capacities, and connecting capital for businesses in middle and low-income economies globally, especially Africa and Asia. 


The firm has actively been advising and supporting governments, international agencies, non-profits, or corporations on assignments focussed on the South-South and Trilateral Development Cooperation. We advise public and private sectors alongside multi-laterals and industry associations in conceptualising and implementing sustainable ventures, developing business strategies, interpreting and advising on policy and regulatory matters across multiple sectors. 


Our experts are global professionals from across various disciplines such as economics, political science, technology, diplomacy, law, finance and accounts, architecture, sector specific and subject matter specialities and project management. 


The Principal and the Lead Consultant of the firm, Abhilash Puljal with his team have been successful in advising and implementing projects the world over especially in Africa and Asia. The firm is head quartered in India with presence with partner firms in Rwanda, Singapore and the UAE and currently implementing projects for clients in Angola, Bangladesh, Botswana, DR Congo, Egypt, India, Zambia among others.

Principal: Abhilash Puljal

Registered: New Delhi, India
Court Jurisdiction: New Delhi, India


HSC/SAC Code: 998311


Photographs: Damian Patkowski, Dikaseva, Gemma Fjam, Adele Payman Andreas, Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash. Logo is property Abhilash Puljal. All other logos property of their respective organisations.

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